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The light weight Weed Raker is the perfect match to the Weed Razer, it quickly and easily removes cut vegetation from the water’s surface, which reduces weed re-growth! The Weed Raker is the longest and widest aquatic lake rake available. The Weed Raker also does a great job removing roots plus organic matter at the bottom of your ponds or lakes that fuel weed re-growth!

The Weed Raker has a four section handle that snaps together giving you up to 11' feet of reach. It features a 37" inch head and 8" high strength composite tines.


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The Finest Aquatic Weed Control Equipment Available!



Weighing less than 7 lbs., the Weed Raker is also designed to be tossed into the water with a simple underhand motion and is retrieved via 43' of nylon rope.

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